Florilegia, Tegnerforbundet 2015      
  Florilegia focused on a scientific drawing practice, where drawings were used as a way of observing nature and the drawing tecnique      
  as a method of scientific research. My contribution consisted of two series and two individual works. One series of studies, where      
  various moosses were collected and carefully studied as blind drawings. The other series was an exploration of coulor shades, where      
  the coulor juices of eight different mosses were mapped. The images were presented as monochrome registrations. 1:1 Dicranum      
  majus/Blanksigd was a large drawing of one moss spicies drawn in different size. From 15 cm to 175 cm. On the floor, in a showcase,      
  I had collected material that showed some of the process in my research. It was drawings, sketches, coulor samples, frottage and      
  small moss installations. On the wall behind it was a series of white sheets.      
  Photo: Steffen Rikenberg